11 November 2010

alexander mcqueen - savage beauty

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  1. Knight and alone in Germany!!
    Swords clash blazing Iron and Steel,
    Cut open and slash with Berlin mind for fool;
    Bract and dying still with welcome smile I grace at a lost brew!!

    Is my hand burning,
    Is my German pay ousted;
    Berlin will accost all fools to enter my hand open;

    Berlin; is handed to Me’
    As loving won girls flight
    And Now I taste the new Blade;
    And wish for German Stars Arrive;

    Smiles rare and I do see morning arise;
    A second new or to a Hour;
    And while arrows enter;
    King within me opens all taste of ill;
    And kill the ill; holding one last Arrow; in burn
    And kill in anger for Germany new anger all a born!!

    I race smiling and cool;
    Berlin, German; and view
    Holding blood pumping me near through;
    And view: my mother naked and clean
    Dying for Germany!!

    With my dying arm
    I will cut out your dirty Heart;
    Slot hen
    Dying there
    I love my mother well;
    With more arrows burn
    By Germany I die alone!!
    Alexander Simon